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Driving In Orlando

Driving in a city that you're not familiar with can be a nerve-racking experience! It can be hard enough just navigating around Orlando, never mind the driving laws and speed limits, without even thinking about the fact that you might be on the wrong side of the road if you're an international visitor. are here to make sure your time spent in Orlando is remembered for all the right reasons. So, to help customers on vacation in our city, we've put together a guide to driving in Orlando and throughout Florida using our local knowledge of what to expect from the drivers here and information about state laws.

Things To Remember When You Drive In Orlando

Here are a few tips for safe driving in Orlando.

Seat Belts

Police will often stop drivers in Orlando just to make sure everything is alright with their documents and to check if their seatbelts are fastened. It is compulsory for a car driver and front seat passenger to wear the seatbelt. The fines for not buckling up start from $30 and can be higher if the driver has already been fined for a similar infraction.

Speed Limits

Because Orlando is a large city with lots of international visitors we recommend you drive with extra caution and to always respect the law. On many streets the limit is set to 30mph but when you enter a school zone you must reduce your speed down to 20mph. Speeds vary on freeways such as the I-4 or rural roads but never exceed 70mph. If you are in doubt, look for the speed limit signs that will be posted at the road side.

Give Way & Priorities

In Orlando many of the intersections are covered by traffic lights, but if you're planning to travel outside the city there are a few things you should know. If two vehicles arrive at a four-way stop sign, the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right. You must also give way if you're planning to turn left in an intersection and there's a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

Turn Right On Red

In Orlando you may actually turn right through a red light so long as your vehicle has been brought to a complete stop and the way is totally clear. Intersections that don't allow this feature signs stating 'no turn on red'. This can take some getting used to if you don't live in Orlando!

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